What would be the best credit card for Santa Claus?

You probably wondered what kind of credit card would work best for you, but have you wondered what kind of credit card would Santa get if he were getting one?

We explored some of the criteria that would be a real must-see for Santa’s card. Of course, for Santa, the important features of a credit card would be the different travel benefits.

Comprehensive travel insurance with credit card

Comprehensive travel insurance with credit card

Did you know that you do not necessarily need to purchase separate travel insurance from an insurance company? Many credit cards include travel insurance. For example, a condition may be that at least part of the trip must be paid for using a credit card.

Santa is known to travel – at least once a year. But then there is a tremendous amount of kilometers traveled as the fly flies around the world several times. So Santa needs a credit card with proper travel insurance. On a trip when anything can happen; your back will snag the weight of your gift bags or a weird bug will bite your ear if the elf in the tropics happens to take off their heads.

Travel insurance should also cover luggage: that’s how much Santa Claus has in store! Good cards could be, for example, Good Finance’s World Elite Mastercard, as its travel insurance covers baggage compensation up to € 3,400.

No credit line pre-set

No credit line pre-set

Santa’s life is busy, especially on Christmas Eve, and anything can happen. Even travel insurance is not always sufficient to cover all possible issues, so for Santa Claus, it would be ideal for a credit card to offer more flexibility in payment matters than usual.

One way to get flexibility is to get a credit card without a pre-set credit limit. Such cards are offered, for example, by Amex and Diners.

Credit cards can also be paid abroad

Credit cards can also be paid abroad

A credit card is often a trusted guy on the go, as they may have better security than a regular debit card: A traditional Visa Electron when you may not visit every vending machine, not to mention cafes or restaurants. With his credit card, Santa is sure to get the refueling he wants, when at some point he starts to sweat a little.

It is also good to reserve cash for your trips, as cash is still a common payment instrument around the world. If you withdraw money with a credit card, the exchange rate is often better than, for example, the airport exchange offices.

See our Travel Currency Calculator for the cheapest travel currency

In addition, many credit cards have the advantage of accruing points every time you buy something with your credit card. Scores and limits vary by credit card, but often you get a point per euro for all purchases, both at home and abroad.

Once you have earned enough points, you can use your points to pay for your air travel, for example. Flight cards are offered by Norwegian Bank, for example.

The lounge would be nice

The lounge would be nice

Although Santa does not travel by airplane on the eve – but with a reindeer team – it can sometimes be good to stop for a moment to swim. The airport lounge often offers food, drink, and sleeping facilities that are second to none in the lounge lounges.

Many credit cards include access to the lounges. On some cards you may have to pay a small additional fee to enter the lounge.


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