Patel, the founder of the Kissmetrics marketing analytics tool, said: “Poor marketers think in terms of campaigns. Great marketers think in terms of growth executives.

While her statement is divided, it also highlights why there aren’t many digital marketers in this part of the world. It is a tedious space with many opportunities, but also a space that requires creativity, tact, attention, skills and strong analytical skills.

Despite these demands, however, the digital marketing space in Ghana has shown encouraging signs of growth and is improving year by year. More and more people are also mastering the field and the benefits that come with it. One of them is Perci Mensah, a young man who currently works as a digital account manager at Global Media Alliance (GMA).

Perci specializes in developing comprehensive social and digital media plans and strategies, SEO optimization, market research and performance monitoring of promotional campaigns.

The father of two believes the ever-changing nature of the digital space means digital marketers should always strive to update their knowledge or be left behind.

“My job as a digital marketing strategist has no end, especially as digital trends and practices keep changing,” he told “Notwithstanding that, I am responsible for planning, developing, implementing and managing the brands overall digital marketing strategy. ”

The mention of the term “brand” opens up a whole new conversation. Simply put, a brand is simply any concept that helps identify a particular product or business. In the world of marketing, however, a “brand” is a more complex concept that is kaleidoscopic.

As a digital account manager, Perci’s day-to-day operations require him to help optimize customers’ online presence through digital marketing strategies. This includes creating digital campaigns, monitoring customer social media, and measuring the success of marketing strategies.

It is never an easy task to achieve, especially with several brands that strive for perfection and consistently demanding results. Simply put, the digital marketing space doesn’t reward effort, only the end product and the numbers matter.

But it’s a job Perci says he loves. Every day comes with its own challenges, but there is also the moment when you meet new people, work with different brands and grow at work.

“I love the job of a digital account manager because it gives me the opportunity to work with different industries,” says Perci. “For example, I had the opportunity to develop digital strategies and execute digital campaigns for brands in the automotive, health, banking, insurance, e-commerce and even politics. What’s more fascinating about this opportunity is that it keeps you on your toes. My mind is always active learning the new knowledge and trends that relate to the digital media industry.

On the great challenges that come with his job, Perci said, “Sometimes you don’t have time for yourself. There are certain times, for example, when I give up sleeping or having a good time with my family just to stay awake and make sure our customers’ expectations are exceeded.

“Working in an agency comes with a lot of pressure and demands, but since this is the path we have chosen to take; we just have to prepare for the demands it brings.

Perci seems sure to have found his calling. The digital space continues to grow in Ghana, but it is one of those that has carved out a niche there. A few years ago, however, the idea of ​​becoming a digital media strategist wasn’t even in his plans.

He dreamed of becoming a doctor, then bounced back by sitting behind a desk as an accountant. But, as the saying goes, life came and he found himself volunteering as a marketing manager for an NGO while studying at the University of Ghana.

“I found myself always surfing the Internet and especially spending more time on social networks even sometimes to the detriment of my books,” he says. “I was doing social media at the time, but without form in mind.

“My journey to virtually identify this as a career began when Reverend Jerry Panou saw an unpaid internship opportunity at 3FM. I applied, I was interviewed and I was selected with my friend Victor Terkpetey.

Perci continues: “Our missions were to ensure the community management of 3FM’s social network accounts. It was around this time that I also met Ms. Petra Aba Asamoah, who was our supervisor. Some personal conversations that I later had with her made me develop a greater interest in social media, as she later put me in touch with opportunities in this area.

“I also met Mr. Daniel Pabby, for whom I worked as a social media partner. Later, Mr. Pabby would challenge me and even pay me to take classes. Our business unfortunately couldn’t survive, so I was left on my own. Around the same time, I decided to sign up for online courses, read the ins and outs of the digital media industry, and started selling my skills to SMEs.

It’s fair to say that Perci rose through the ranks and is now closer than ever to finding his feet. It is basically where it belongs and is currently aiming to innovate in the digital marketing space.

Perci sees digital media as the future and believes that there are many opportunities that young people can exploit in this space.

“I welcome with open arms any young person who wishes to venture into the field of digital media,” he replied. “Digital media has enormous opportunities for young people, and young people should not ignore these opportunities.

“There are readily available jobs and even entrepreneurial opportunities for people in this career path. The industry needs studious people, so every young person with the mindset to drive change in their own way using digital tools should quickly align with the knowledge and expectations the industry needs.

Remember too quickly that the name is Perci Mensah. Like a Ninja, he always works behind the scenes but brands know the value he adds to their products and activations. It’s not magic, it’s just the style of a man who knows his stuff.

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